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Testimonial : Great Expectations - December, 1998

Hola David,
We had such a wonderful time in Akumal!!  Vacations can be so "tricky"... you make your plans, usually sight unseen... get on the plane.. hope for the best...try not to have expectations, but of course you do.   This trip went the way they should all go... It really was ideal!
We loved the Penthouse - the quiet, the views, the proximity to the lagoon.  We loved walking into town in the morning for mango smoothies at the Turtle Bay Cafe... the "waveless" bays for snorkeling... the barracuda, the sea turtle, the rainbow parrotfish, the scrawled filefish, and all three squid... the still friendly spirit that pervades Akumal... the crashing surf and hidden spots along Tulum... the tiny cenote at La-Lo...
Apparently, we were the first to swim in the new pool at La Iguana, thus earning ourselves a bit of La Iguana / La Sirena infamy. Testiment to how much we enjoyed ourselves is that we really didn't mind that the front part of the condominium complex was under fairly major construction the entire time.  The workers were friendly and hospitable as they worked to finish up four new villas, a reception area, a pool, a sea wall, a sandy beach, and a restaurant before the holiday season began.  La Iguana / La Sirena really is lovely.  Simple and artful style... we enjoyed the esthetic...
Thanks for all of the helpful information and hospitality.  Your condo is lovely and a beautiful spot for vacationing in sunny Mexico.

Let me know if you'd like a testimonial for your records.... oh, I guess this is one!

Thanks again,

Karen and Nikki - Seattle, Washington, USA

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